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KD Detectives is a Private Investigation Agency that has a long career. Our agency is formed by a team of experienced detectives who use a refined and demanding research, monitoring and surveillance methodology. We offer immediate coverage both nationally and internationally. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our team will immediately contact you to find the solution that will allow you to clear your suspicions. Absolute reservation and confidentiality.

KD detectives, carries out investigations on infidelity, doubtful or dishonorable conduct, infidelities, premarital reports, personalized follow-ups, personal cases, virtual relationships. Business or corporate research for large or small companies (natural and legal persons).

We deliver as evidence and tests, Full HD videos and photos.

We carry out research, surveillance and monitoring operations at a national level, travel to the provinces and attend 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Personal or Individual Investigations:

Tracking of couples:

Marriages, Boyfriends, Virtual or distance relationships, tracking people on vacation or business in Peru nationally or internationally.

Location and Submission of Documents:

Birth certificate, marriage, divorce, immigration movement, movable and immovable property titles, call reporting.

Criminal, judicial, police, pending legal proceedings.


Socio-economic profile, national-level property and real estate properties.


Locations of people, real and personal property. Research on relationships and family relationships.

Labor Investigations:

Labor Follow-up: Employees, managers, business partners.
Verification of personal references.
Verification of Academic and University Studies.
Systematic Theft
Investigation of Commercial Partners: Departure of property, departure of legal persons, establishment of companies, investigation of managers, etc.
Economic Solvency Reports.


Expertise, Dactyloscopic; Fingerprinting, after a criminal act, theft or manipulation of elements.
Verification of fingerprints found and with those of staff present.
Expertise, Graphological. Analysis of written documents, signatures.
Verification of real or false documents.

Financial investigations:

Commercial, financial and solvency reports.
Uplift of goods.
Property, Mercantile and Index Registries. Vehicles.

Clarity: All work is done under a confidentiality contract, Absolute discretion.
Advice: We advise, plan and carry out our research always focused on your requirements.
Proof: Photographs, Videos, Official documents when appropriate.
Contact las 24 horas: A los teléfonos (+51) 965786117 y en horario de oficina (+511) 5952653.
Services not mentioned: Consult.
Office location: Av. Agustín de la Rosa Toro No. 883 Office 201, district of San Luis, Lima Peru.

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